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ALU-LINE The standard partition wall

The inexpensive partition wall made of chipboard or waterproof AQUA panels and visible aluminum end profiles



Door and wall elements are made of 30 mm thick chipboard with straight profiles made of anodized aluminum. You can choose between a coated surface or a synthetic resin coating.


ALU-LINE SPAN is suitable for dry rooms. Thanks to its intelligent design, ALU-LINE can be flexibly implemented according to individual needs.


ALU-LINE can be used not only as a toilet partition, but also as a changing cubicle. All construction details are made of high-qualityr optics and years of trouble-free ffunction.


ForOur ALU-LINE AQUA series is particularly suitable for wet areas such as showers. In addition, we can use all HPL laminate panels from well-known manufacturers. AQUA panels are significantly more cost-effective than solid core panels and still offer high dimensional stability.

The material has been extensively tested in the laboratory to ensure that it meets the highest quality standards. The HPL coating does not peel off the board, which guarantees long-lasting and reliable use.

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Areas of application

Industry / Commerce


Sports / Leisure facilities

Hotel industry



Your benefits at a glance


Price-performance ratio


Short delivery times


High-quality fittings




Timeless design


Room height possible


Possible without support feet


Easy construction


Screwed multiple times


High stability

ALU-LINE planning aid

Anything is possible! We are happy to support you in planning your project by recommending standard dimensions that have proven to be optimal in practice. Please note the following points during planning:

Investment height

2000 mm standard incl. foot

Systems can be made to measure up to 2785



Up to a maximum room height of 3200 mm*
*provided stability is guaranteed 

Ground clearance

Flush or 100 mm (standard) adjustment range +25 / -5 mm



Door widths (nominal dimensions)

630mm (standard)
850mm (IV)

Cabin depth

Minimum 1100mm

Optimally 1400mm

Cabin width

Minimum 800mm

Optimally 1000mm

Wheelchair accessible toilets / IV WC



System to floor running

System with ceiling connection

100% privacy

Door openings:

As a standard, we recommend that doors open inwards. This ensures efficient use of space and facilitates passage.

However, in situations where the partition wall is less deep, it may be necessary for the doors to open outwards. In such cases, we adapt the planning accordingly to ensure optimal use of the space.

Standard colours and individuality at ZURAG AG:

We stock three standard colours, both in the P3 chipboard laminated version and in the 28mm P2 chipboard laminated HPL composite version. In addition, we offer a wide range of non-standard colour options from well-known manufacturers to suit your individual requirements.

Colour variety for demanding projects: Our suppliers


Antibacterial door handles

Wherever large numbers of people come together, diseases can be transmitted. The risk of infection is high in toilet facilities. Bacteria can spread via the parts of the facility that people touch.
With our innovative toilet partitions we are setting a new standard.
Experience our standard hygiene handle.

Red White

Did you know that about 10% of the world's population is colorblind? The typical assumption that the rosette is green/red is incorrect because colorblind people cannot tell the difference.

ALU-LINE fittings


Aluminium profile

Our anodized aluminum profiles ensure the stability of our products.

Our profiles are used for wall connections as well as for floor and ceiling connections.

According to the specific requirements, suitable screws are used to ensure that the system can be used robustly and maintenance-free.

Stainless steel partition base

High quality chrome steel 304 is our standard material.

For use in swimming pools we use chrome steel feet 316.

In addition, the mounting plate is provided with a special surface coating to ensure that it is resistant to rust formation.

Can be screwed / glued


Stainless steel roller conveyor

High quality 304 chrome steel, treated with a special surface coating that ensures that the surface is resistant to rust.


Our products are screwed together with matching chrome steel screws to ensure maximum durability and quality.

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