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aquacenter Obwalden

Project type:

Toilet and shower partitions


January 2023



As part of a demanding project, ZURAG AG had the opportunity to demonstrate its expertise and craftsmanship by carrying out a comprehensive installation for the Aquacenter Obwalden. This project included the delivery and assembly of toilet partitions, shower partitions, washbasins and material cabinets, specially designed for use in wet areas with high chlorine loads.

The challenge with this project was to choose materials and constructions that were not only aesthetically pleasing and functional, but also extremely resistant to the corrosive effects of chlorinated water. Through close cooperation with the customer and our careful planning, we were able to develop solutions that met these requirements.

The toilet and shower partitions were designed to offer maximum privacy and comfort, while the materials used ensure easy cleaning and long-lasting hygiene. The washbasins and material cabinets, specially developed for use in this demanding environment, perfectly complement the installation and offer functionality and durability.

Our experienced assembly team ensured an efficient and precise installation, with the utmost emphasis on attention to detail and compliance with all safety and quality standards. The project was completed on time, to the full satisfaction of our customer and taking into account all of the specific requirements of the Aquacenter Obwalden.

This project underlines ZURAG AG's ability to offer individual solutions for complex requirements while always meeting the highest quality standards. We are proud to have made our contribution to the attractiveness and functionality of the Aquacenter Obwalden and look forward to further challenging projects in the future.

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