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FORTYSEVEN° Wellness Thermal Baths, Baden

Project type:

Toilet and shower partitions


August 2022



ZURAG AG had the privilege of demonstrating its expertise and craftsmanship excellence on a prestigious project for the renowned thermal spa in Baden. Our brief included the careful supply and installation of toilet partitions as well as shower partitions, which were specifically designed for the unique conditions and high standards of this facility.

The challenge of this project was to integrate functional, aesthetically pleasing and durable solutions that meet the special requirements of a thermal spa. In particular, the materials and constructions had to be selected to be able to cope with the natural mineral content of the water and the high humidity without compromising on quality.

The toilet partitions and shower partitions were designed with durability, hygiene and easy maintenance in mind. We placed great emphasis on using materials that are resistant to the chemical and physical influences in a thermal spa. Our aim was to create an atmosphere of comfort and privacy that would allow visitors to the thermal spa to experience increased well-being.

Our professional team worked closely with the thermal spa operators to ensure that all aspects of the project, from planning to execution, met expectations. Our extensive experience and commitment to quality enabled us to complete the project efficiently and to the full satisfaction of our client.

This project at the thermal spa in Baden exemplifies ZURAG AG's ability to deliver tailor-made solutions for specialized requirements. We are proud to have contributed to the attractiveness and functionality of this important facility and see this as a confirmation of our commitment to craftsmanship perfection and customer satisfaction.

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